Eclectic Chair 353 with Host Trish Lewis from Wucx-Fm

Introduction Mike Henderson and The Bluebloods “Mister Downchild” Thicker Than Water 1998 Dead Reckoning Records


15. Buddy Guy “Country Boy” Buddy Guy Live @ Legends 2012 Sony / RCA / SilverTone Records or or

16. Lil’ Ed & The Blue's Imperials “Musical Mechanical Electrical Man” Jump Start 2012 Alligator Records or

17. Jeff Schrems “Smile On My Face” Ohh…Now I get It 2012 Self or

18. American Underdog Andy Reed “Always On The Run” Always On The Run 2011 Blunk Street Music / Pop Factory Records or or!/andyreedmusic

19. Nick Piazza “Evolution” Evolution 2010 Self or or

20. Sarah Swanson “Tell Me You Love Me” This Side Of Madness 2012 Feline Zoo Music or

21. John Latini “Nobody Again” Lovers, Liars & Losers 2012 Smokin’ Sleddog Records or or or

22. Madame Devz Gypsy Wagon “Why” Live In Studio C on the Wucx-Fm Eclectic Chair 10-15-2012 A Radio Chair Production

23. Carrie Treder “Now” Live In Studio C on the Wucx-Fm Eclectic Chair 10-22-2012 A Radio Chair Production or!/TraederBand or Watch on YouTube Here:

24. Sunday Wilde “Love Bender” He Gave Me A Blue Nightgown 2012 Self or or or

25. Bobtown “Mama’s Got The Backbeat” Trouble I Wrought 2012 Bobtown Records or

26. Rick Estrin and The Nightcats “Lucky You” One Wrong Turn 2012 Alligator Records or

27. Rick Estrin and The Nightcats “The Legend Of Taco Cobbler” One Wrong Turn 2012 Alligator Records or

The Eclectic Chair is broadcast from the studios of Wucx-Fm Delta College Quality Public Radio. “Well, love will pick you up but it will throw you down /

Whether you’re a pup or

a dirty old hound / Ain’t no doubt that if you hang around / You’re bound to be thrown down by love” Chorus lyrics from the song

Nobody Again” by John Latini.

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