Eclectic Chair 407 with Host Trish Lewis from Wucx-Fm


16. American Underdog Andy Reed “The Show Goes On” The A/B EP 2013 Pop Factory Records or or or!/andyreedmusic

17. American Underdog Andy Reed “Good Girl” The A/B EP 2013 Pop Factory Records or or or!/andyreedmusic

18. Jeff Yantz and The Barnhands “Our Time” That’s the All of It 2014 Big Forehead  or  or or

19. Jeff Yantz and The Barnhands “Rather Be Lonely” That’s the All of It 2014 Big Forehead  or  or or

20. Bob Hausler “What’d I Do?” (Song by Bill Edwards) Oct 2013 Live In Studio C Radio Chair or

21. John Krogman “Soft and Sweet” Sling That Mud 2009 Blue Boundary Records or or or ttps://

22. John Krogman “Curtis Road” Sling That Mud 2009 Blue Boundary Records or or or

23. John Krogman “Sling That Mud” Sling That Mud 2009 Blue Boundary Records or or or

24. Ry Cooder “Wall Street Part Of Town” Election Special 2012 Nonesuch or

25. Roosevelt Dime “I Want Mo!” Full Head of Steam 2014 Self or or

26. Roosevelt Dime “Now There’s You Intro” Full Head of Steam 2014 Self or or

27. Roosevelt Dime “Now There’s You” Full Head of Steam 2014 Self or or

28. Jeff Yantz and The Barnhands “Wanna Be” That’s the All of It 2014 Big Forehead  or  or or

29. Jeff Yantz and The Barnhands “This is for You” That’s the All of It 2014 Big Forehead  or  or or

30. Béla Fleck w/Brooklyn Rider from Night Flight Over Water “The Escape” The Imposter 2013 Mercury Records or

The Eclectic Chair is broadcast from the studios of Wucx-Fm Delta College

Quality Public Radio. “There’s a time to Grow Up / Heal Up / Let Up / Rise Up /

But there ain’t never a time to Give Up” - Lyrics from the song “The Up Song” by Doug MacLeod.

 Doug MacLeod

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Selling Stupid 

by Tonia L. Carrier

Twenty-eight years ago The Review brought musicians of all shapes, sizes, colors, and genres together to both celebrate and honor the impact they make within our Great Lakes Bay region.

Now is the time for you to do your part in helping us carry forth this time-honored tradition of honoring the broad and incredible musical talent that we are fortunate to have populating our region which makes the sound and ambiance of our area unique and distinct.

The 2014 Review Music Awards Ceremony represents your voice in helping us honor the many talented musicians & artists that enrich our cultural climate and represent some of the very best performers we have throughout the state of Michigan.

The Nominating Process Consists of Two Stages:

1) During this first stage for determining nominations, please go to our website at and click the special ‘Awards’ button in the navigation.

2) Once in the Awards section you will see a list of the various categories of Rock, Country, Blues, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Miscellaneous, with the specific awards to be honored in each division.

3) Simply register with our site to be able to vote and nominate. Once you are registered you can nominate a specific musician or band for any award; or if you see their name already posted, you can add your vote by clicking the appropriate box to add your vote to their tally.

Please Note: If you are already a registered user, you don’t need to re-register to vote. If you've forgotten your password, simply click the ‘forgot password’ link.

If you do not see the artist you want to vote for, as a registered user you can simply add them to the poll and nominees will automatically be added as soon as you submit them.

4) The nominating process begins on Thursday, January 9th and the final round will begin on Thursday, February 21st. The top five nominees for each award will be presented in the final voting round that will run until Thursday, March 13th and determine the winner in each category.


1) Bands or musicians considered for nomination must be from the Great Lakes Bay region, or perform in clubs within this area on a regular basis.

2) NO BALLOT STUFFING! Because each computer and account is recorded as a unique ID, only one vote will be counted. Anybody attempting to cheat the voting process will cause all votes from that computer and/or account(s) to be discarded! However, if you only have one computer at home and several family members wishing to vote, this will be allowed within reason – If this is the case, you must indicate your name in a separate email to us.

3) You should not vote for any awards or categories you aren't familiar with. 

Winners will be honored at our special 28th Annual Review Music Awards Ceremony.

Now Do Your Duty and Vote!

Go ONLINE TO and nominate those musicians and artists you feel have contributed to their profession and your enjoyment during the past year. This is your opportunity to express your appreciation to those that give the tri-cities a distinct sound – something unique, vital and worthy of recognition.

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