Eclectic Chair 432 A with Host Trish Lewis from Wucx-Fm


1. Steve Martin & Steep Canyon Rangers “Rare Bird Alert” 
Rare Bird Alert 2011 Rounder Records 
2. Maddy Day “Your Intoxication” 2014 Upcoming Self-Released or

3. Jeff Schrems “Pretty Little Posey” Ohh…Now I Get It 2012 Self or


4. Muzyka! “Red Clay” Muzyka! Almost Live In Studio C 2013 Radio Chair Production

6.  Terry Radigan “Give It A Whirl” Rosler’s Recording Booth 2011 Fingers Crossed or or


7. Jeremy Sisto and The Valentines “Halfway Honest Living” Rosler’s Recording Booth 2011 Fingers Crossed   or!/JeremySisto 

8. Carrie Treder “At The End Of The Day” Live In Studio C on the Wucx-Fm Eclectic Chair

10-22-2012 A Radio Chair Production!/TraederBand or


9. Bob Hausler “Where’d They Go” Family, Friends, and The Good Life 2014 BH Productions

10. Carolyn Currie “Red Light Green Light” Echolocation 2014 North C Records


11. Siusan O'Rourke & Zig Zeitler “Till We Meet Again” Almost Live In Studio C 

2014 Radio Chair Production or 
12. Boris McCutcheon and The Salt Licks “On The Beltway” Might Crash! 
13. Kyle Spear “Walk Beside Me” Almost Live In Studio C Palm Sunday 2013 Radio Chair 
Production or 


14. Kevin Spear & The No Name String Band “Long Black Veil” Almost Live In Studio C Palm

Sunday 2013 Radio Chair Production

15. Laurie Middlebrook Band “Good Luck” Live At the Delta College 


16. American Underdog Andy Reed “I’ll Miss You Girl” Always On The Run 2011 Pop Factory/

17. Elvin Bishop “Can’t Even Do Wrong Right” Can’t Even Do Wrong Right 


18. John Prine “Sour Grapes” The Singing Mailman Delivers 2011 Oh Boy Records

19. The Snyders “Chili Jeff” Growing Pains 2014 Salon De Musique

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