Eclectic Chair 431 A with Host Trish Lewis from Wucx-Fm

1. The Snyders “Growing Pains” Growing Pains 2014 Salon De Musique
2. The Snyders “Laundry Blues” Growing Pains 2014 Salon De Musique

3. The Burdons “Nervous” Penny Arcade – The Burdons Live 1999 World Records

4. The Burdons “I’ve Seen It All” Penny Arcade – The Burdons Live 1999 World Records

5. The Everydays (Tim Marsh & David Zoll) “Sound of the Truth” The Everydays 2013 Self

6. The Everydays (Tim Marsh & David Zoll) “Time To Go” The Everydays 2013 Self

7. The Legal Matters “Have You Changed Your Mind?” The Legal Matters 2014 Blunk Street

8. The Legal Matters “So Long Sunny Days” The Legal Matters 2014 Blunk Street  or or or

9. Ronny Cox “Milkbone Underwear” Songs…With Repercussions 2008 Wind River Records/Yes, Dear Ent.

10. David Vest “Crooked Politician” Roadhouse Revelation 2014 Cordova Bay Ent
11.Jenny Scheinman “The Littlest Prisoner” The Littlest Prisoner 2014 Sony Masterworks

12. Squirrel Nut Zippers “Put A Lid On It” HOT 1996 Mammoth Records

13. Jason Vivōne & The Billy Bats “Eddie Ate Dynamite” Eddie Ate Dynamite 2014 Self

14. Bob Wall “Audience Of 3” Anachronism 2014 Self or

15. Jeff Yantz and The Barnhands “Leanin’ On the Shovel” That’s the All of It 2014 Big Forehead

16. Billy Strings & Don Julin “Kickin’ Mule” Rock Of Ages 2013 Self

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