Eclectic Chair 428 with Host Trish Lewis from Wucx-Fm 

1. Mike Henderson and The Bluebloods “Mister Downchild” Thicker Than Water 1998 Dead Reckoning Records or 


2. Siusan O’Rourke & Zig Zeitler “A Proper Sort of Gardener” Chance The Arm 2014 Smokin’ Sleddog Records or 

or or or 

4. Stephen Colarelli “Crazy People” Middle Of Nowhere 2014 Manistee Records or 


6. Madame Devz Gypsy Wagon Duo “My Old Dog Frank” 2014 Self 

7. Madame Devz Gypsy Wagon Duo “The Witch’s Lament” 2014 Self 

8. Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver “Lead Me To The Fountain” Open Carefully, Message Inside 2014 Mountain Home Music or or  

9. Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver “I Sailed Back” Open Carefully, Message Inside 2014 Mountain Home Music or 

11. Cash O’Riley & David Roof “In The Jailhouse Now” Jackson County Jail 2013 An American Wax Original or 

12. Scott Baker and the Universal Expressions “Jukejoint Revival” Northern Hospitality Vol. 1 And Other Celestial Threads 2013 Self or or!/scottbakermusic 


13. Jeff Yantz (Song written by Sean Drysdale) “Wicked Me” 2013 Big Forehead Production or 


14. Tim & Myles Thompson “Overdrive” Time 4 Me 2 Go 2013 Hidden Giant or 


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