Eclectic Chair 404 with Host Trish Lewis

ntroduction Mike Henderson and The Bluebloods “Mister Downchild” Thicker Than Water 1998 Dead Reckoning Records or


 1. Scott H. Biram “Gotta Get To Heaven” Nothin’ But Blood 2014 Bloodshot Records or or

2. Scott H. Biram “Backdoor Man” Nothin’ But Blood 2014 Bloodshot Records or or

3. Scott H. Biram “I’m Troubled” Nothin’ But Blood 2014 Bloodshot Records or or

4. John Prine “I Hate It When That Happens To Me” Fair & Square 2005 Oh Boy Records or or

5. A.J. Downing “My Wagon Just Won’t Roll” Good Day 2012 Charkansas Records or or

6. A.J. Downing “American Junkie” Good Day 2012 Charkansas Records or or

7. Tracie Potochnik “Run Like The Devil” The Dream 2014 Self or or or

8. Tracie Potochnik “The Dream” The Dream 2014 Self or or or

9. Nathan Bell “Blood Like A River” Blood Like A River – American Family 2014 Stone Barn Records


10. Nathan Bell “Fathers and Mothers” Blood Like A River – American Family 2014 Stone Barn Records or

11. Wyatt Easterling “That Day Will Come” Goodbye Hello 2014 Phoenix Rising or or

12. Wyatt Easterling “Somebody Prayed” Goodbye Hello 2014 Phoenix Rising or or

13. Shantell Ogden “Where You’re Not” Better At Goodbye 2013 Hip Farm Chick or or or

14. D.G. Nieser “Daddy’s In The Dog House” Never Alone 2013 Tail Kat Production or

15. D.G. Nieser “Some People’s Children” Never Alone 2013 Tail Kat Production or

16. Shel “Like Minded Fool” SHEL 2012 Moraine / Mad King / Snortin Horse Records or or

17. Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer & Chris Thile “Quarter Chicken Dark” The Goat Rodeo Sessions

2011 Sony Records  or   or or 

or or

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