Eclectic Chair 403 with Host Trish Lewis from Wucx-Fm

Introduction Mike Henderson and The Bluebloods “Mister Downchild” Thicker Than Water 1998 Dead Reckoning Records or 


1. Dan Bubien “Empty Roads” Empty Roads 2013 Self or or or

2. Dan Bubien “Exile Blues” Empty Roads 2013 Self or 

3. Dan Bubien “Sniper” Empty Roads 2013 Self or or

4. Irma Thomas “Soul Of A Man” After The Rain 2006 Rounder Records or

5. Irma Thomas “Stone Survivor” After The Rain 2006 Rounder Records or

6. Tom Waits “Talking At The Same Time” Bad As Me 2011 Anti Records or or or

7. Bob Hausler “The Day The Bearded Lady Died” (written by André Villoch ) 2014 Unreleased or

8. J.J. Thames “Souled Out” Tell You What I Know 2014 De Champ or or or or

9. J.J. Thames “Hey You” Tell You What I Know 2014 De Champ or or or  or

10. Eddie Cotton Jr. “Here I Come” Here I Come 2014 De Champ or or

11. Eddie Cotton Jr. “Pay To Play” Here I Come 2014 De Champ or or

12. Tinsley Ellis “Kiss Of Death” Midnight Blue 2014 Heartfixer Music or or

13. Tinsley Ellis “If The River Keeps Rising” Midnight Blue 2014 Heartfixer Music or or

14. Tommy Castro and The Painkillers “The Whale Have Swallowed Me” The Devil You Know 2013 Alligator Records or or or or

15. David Krakauer “Moving To The Ghetto” (From The Pianist) The Big Picture featuring David Krakauer 2014 Table Pounding Music or or

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